Mechanical-biological waste treatment of organic waste and residual waste fractions

The EEC Landfill Directive states that the amount of biologically degradable waste in the total amount of waste to be deposited must be significantly reduced over the coming years.

Integrating an anaerobic digestion plant into the treatment plant offers the possibility to produce energy from waste while at the same time reducing the amount of biologically degradable material.

Schwarting Biosystem delivers complete mechanical-biological treatment plants from the waste collection to the disposal of the treated fermentation residue. The waste is collected in a hopper and mechanically pre-treated by a combination of sieving, crushing and sorting devices. During this process, the waste is divided into several flows: Fractions of impurities for separate disposal, fractions with high heating values for thermal utilization and a fraction rich in organic material for further biological treatment through fermentation.

The organic fraction is mixed with process water in a special mixing tank and fed to the fermentation stage. This stage is designed with one or more completely stirred fermenters. The fermenter apparatus includes a central stirring device and a sediment discharge system. The digested fermentation residue is drained and can then be fed to a composting plant for further treatment.

Fig. 1: Enlarged view

Fig. 3: Enlarged view