Schwarting Biosystem GmbH The company

Schwarting Biosystem GmbH was founded in the middle of 2006 by fusing Bio-System Selecta GmbH with Schwarting Environmental Systems GmbH. Both are companies with a long tradition and motivated, highly-qualified employees.

In the beginning of 2004, Bio-System Selecta based in Konstanz, was founded and took over the business segment planning and construction of biogas and anaerobic digestion plants from Bio-System GmbH which had existed since 1986. Schwarting Environmental Systems was founded in June 2004 and employs a lot of people who worked for the former Schwarting Umwelt GmbH with their long-term experience in the planning and construction of biogas plants for many kinds of input materials. Thus, the company has the perfect structure for building agricultural biogas plants, anaerobic- and high performance digestion.

Schwarting Biosystem is a capable of acting company which belongs to the Spanish HERA-group with location in Flensburg that is able to cope with big challenges in plant construction.
Schwarting Biosystem is member of the Fachverband Biogas e.V.